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    Buskr provides YOU with a free platform to promote your music, art, and performances to directly to your fans!


    You don't need an ad budget or a fancy manager to get found. Just sign up, setup and be discovered!


    And if you're looking to be entertained, take a look to find a performance in your neighborhood bar or restaurant, a thrilling street performance up the road, or something unknown and exciting downtown!


    Join the revolution. Explore with Buskr.


    We do this all for free so you can have an experience every night of the week.

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  • for the entertainment seeker

    Buskr Love

    Buskr lives to promote the passion and unique talents of local, independent performers, artists and musicians providing you with a platform to see when and where they’re performing LIVE!  


    Find live street performers, a band rockin’ your local bar, music while you enjoy dinner, an intimate concert, or a private show in a secret locale.
    Find something that is Live Now! or plan ahead with future performances.


    Show your appreciation for the performers' awesome talents by tipping them right through the app!  Our artists and the Buskr Angel are always thankful for your Acts of Generosity.
  • for the performer


    Create your profile with a unique performance name and description, a performance and location category, and links to youtube videos and your iTunes media.


    Tips are received from your fans and audience via debit and credit cards (secured by Venmo).  See each tip real-time and the monthly total under the Tips function.

    Events / Live Now!

    Schedule all of your upcoming events using the Events feature.  Make sure to tag their location!
    Or use Go Live Now! to create a quick event that is immediately live.
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    Buskr wants to get your profile and performance schedule in the hands of every mobile phone user on the planet!
    Download and Sign Up!  Create a Performer Profile today!

  • Buskr, what's with the name?

    A Busker is someone who performs in a public place for money or other gratuities. It is a practice seen all over the world, dates back to antiquity, and engages onlookers through unique and amazing local talent. There are so many talented Buskrs performing on the streets, in local bars, restaurants and small venues, that we wanted to make them accessible and easier to find.
    We had to go all "dot com" and "internety" with the name Buskr, removing the E for that extra hip factor.

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